Cycle route to Valencia's southern beaches

Fancy going green and exploring València’s beaches by bike?

Choosing to pedal is a fantastic way to get around València. Exploring the city and heading out to the beaches, particularly in the summertime, is so much fun on a bicycle.

València only experiences 10-12 days of rain per year and so the sun is (often) shining. Another major plus side is that the bicycle routes are extensive and easy to navigate. 

València really is a city perfectly made to cycle peacefully around.

We have created two DIY bicycle routes to the beaches in València. One to the Northern beaches in València and one to the Southern beaches.

But first up, where to hire bikes in València?

Hiring Bicycles 

We hired bicycles from Bed and Bike in the old town for a very reasonable €7 per day or €13 for two days.

Bike rental bed&bike Valencia Spain

The bikes are in good nick and come with locks and helmets if required.

It was the cheapest rental we found when walking around the old quarter.

Being our own tour guides, we pedalled all the way down to El Saler beach in the south, across to the northern city beaches of La Malvarrosa and Playa del Cabanyal.

We have also made a DIY bicycle tour of the city centre so check that out too!

Without further ado, here are our recommended bicycle routes from the city centre to València’s beaches.

To The Southern Beaches

This route will take you in the direction of the southern beaches of El Saler.

Start at the Torres de Serranos and head towards the Turia River Gardens.

Cycling through the Turia River Gardens is delightful and will take you a lot of the way.

Once you hop out of there at the aquarium, follow the cycle routes over the bridge where it will temporarily fold back on itself.

There you have a choice to go left to the south beaches or right to the north beaches.

This route shows the route going south and includes pins for the following recommended restaurants to stop for lunch along the way.

Restaurante Genuina a few roads back from Playa can Pinedo.

Alquería de la Mar with a gorgeous shaded terrace – book in advance!

Arroceria L’Estibador set on Playa de la Dunas de Pinedo, beautiful views into the ocean.

Cycle route to Valencia's southern beaches

It took us approximately 40 minutes to reach Playa de la Dunas de Pinedo and El Saler from the Torres de Serranos, and we favoured the middle and bottom of Playa can Pinedo.

The first section is a little gritty – keep going until you find some lovely soft white sand.

We stopped at the beginning of El Saler but if you have the energy and want to continue on, keep going to reach Albufera Natural Park where sand dunes, forests, rice fields and the largest lake in Spain can be discovered.

This is where paella was invented and is therefore the perfect area to sample paella, arròs a banda, or all i pebre made with eels freshly caught from the lake.

If you’re there around sunset, take a boat out onto the lake to watch the sun go down.

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To The Northern Beaches

The northern beaches are clean, wide, long and sandy. They have a slightly different vibe to the south and we loved them.

An easy and quick cycle from the old town, this cycle route took us 25-30 minutes and was a breeze.

It follows the bicycle path the whole way and is straight forward to navigate following the green road beneath your tyres.

Once you’re at the beach promenade, it’s easy to head all the way to the top or bottom of the beach and there are lots of places to park your bike along the way.

Turia River Gardens is also a lovely place to start and finish the ride.

Did we mention it’s easy??

The further north towards Playa Patacona you head, the quieter it gets.

There are cute little beach bars to grab a drink, snacks or tapas at intervals all the way along the beach.

Further south around Playa La Malvarrosa there are a multitude of bars and restaurants lining the promenade.

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We loved loved loved spending time at València’s beaches.

They are clean, long and sandy and have a lovely atmosphere about them.

So, for some relaxation and beach time after some city sightseeing – hop on your bike and head out to the sand!

We hope you love cycling to València’s beaches as much as we did – let us know how you got on.

Happy travelling!

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