I heart KL statue Kuala Lumpur

To save a little cash on flights to the Maldives, we opted to spend a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur on our way from Sarawak.

It was a pretty straight forward journey using the Sky Bus to hop from airport-to-Chinatown, despite having to work out the weird token system on the LRT. Though we were devastated to find out we could have saved £2 on the Sky Bus if we had pre-booked online!

We turned up to our hostel, Mingle, impressed by its beautiful historical building with roof terrace. We instantly looked forward to eating our breakfast up there!

Staying in a funky double pod in a shared dorm (the first for this trip), it was quite a challenge to remain tidy and quiet having being used to our own space for such a long time.

Mingle Hostel Kuala Lumpur
Mingle Hostel, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is quite compact and so exploring, once we’d eventually made it out of the hostel, was pretty relaxed and we often made use of the free GoKL bus routes to save Byron’s weary legs.

Though the heavy traffic in the city, sometimes, meant it was quicker to walk!

We learnt a little about the British history of Kuala Lumpur walking around a heritage trail…

Fern at the cricket ground Kuala Lumpur

…and spent a few hours in the Botanical gardens, unexpectedly spotting monkeys in the trees.

A little time was also spent reading maps by waterfalls…

Reading a map in front of a waterfall Kuala Lumpur

The Petronus towers are the most famous draw of the city, and the view from the park at the bottom is pretty epic.

Petronus Towers Kuala Lumpur

As was the view from up high! The hostel recommended a visit to the Heli lounge; a heli pad by day and bar by night overlooking the towers.

James Bond and I had one (they were expensive!!) wonderful drink up there despite the fact that it rained.

FaB in front of the Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur at night

The highlight of our time in KL was catching up with a friend we made on a Kinabatangan river trip in Sabah. She had invited us to a yoga festival in town, which turned out to be incredible!

We took part in some fascinating workshops on sound healing, where we lay on the floor whilst large bowls were rubbed to make healing sounds. And sat in on some interesting life talks.

It was also a great opportunity to try different types of yoga; flow in the dark (yoga blindfolded) and fly yoga (aerial yoga using suspended fabric). Fly yoga was my favourite! It seemed to require more strength than any floor yoga session I’ve done and so would likely condition those yogi muscles quicker. I definitely felt it the next day after being wedged in a plane seat for 4hrs soon after.

Fern practicing Flow yoga in Kuala Lumpur

Jess, my brief fly yoga chum – thanks for everything!

Fern doing headstand in Flow yoga Kuala Lumpur

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