What is Just B?

A portal to empower the conscious people of the world – those of you who want to learn, grow, understand and become the very best version of yourselves

Ultimately, to live life by your design, not by default


To help

  • You realise that you can choose to engineer the life you want
  • Inspire you to live your life with intention
  • You understand that you don’t have to be the way you are, just because you always have


To bring you content that will help your journey.

This website will give you;

  • Tips
  • Tools
  • Techniques
  • Articles
  • Stories
  • Quotes
  • Funnies
  • And smiles

That will help and inspire you to choose a life you want and to ‘Just B’

Who Am I?

My name is Fern B and for me, living my life by design is choosing a lifestyle of travel, freedom, yoga and positive wellbeing.

Fern eating shaved ice in Taiwan

Fern B

With a BA (Hons) in Psychology, I am fascinated with the mind and the power it holds.

For more than 20 years and for most of my childhood, I suffered from anxiety attacks, panic disorder and agoraphobia. Which, as many who have also experienced might relate, was very debilitating and life restricting. I share more details of my experiences with anxiety in another article, but, in summary, I didn’t feel in control of my life. Instead, I felt like anxiety controlled my life choices, my happiness, my destiny.

Since then I have discovered freedom, a passion to travel and, along the way, that we all possess the power of choice. That we can choose to become the very best version of ourselves, to engineer a life of design, not one of default.

It is YOUR life when you live life on purpose, so own your life.

I have discovered many tools to help, including adopting a lifestyle of yoga, positivity and wellbeing. All of which, for me, makes life a very exciting journey.

I wish I had discovered all of this in my darkest years.

I have always held the desire to make meaning and have realised that my meaning is to serve and improve.

And so, my wish is to pay it forward.

I went and found my patch of sunshine and sat in it.

I want to help and inspire you to find yours.

I hope the content here will help and inspire you to live the life you choose.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Fern B x

Why write?


To connect.


With myself

My head can be a confused, muddle of thoughts and ideas. I discover a whole load of wood among the trees when I write things down.


With you

This is where you and I meet. In words.