Having suffered with anxiety attacks and panic disorder for most of my childhood and for more than 20 years, I am no stranger to the feeling of fear. 

Like many people, fear frequently knocked on my door at the most irrational of times. 

While I have worked hard to overcome those issues and my life is no longer restricted by anxiety, I sometimes still carry fear. Like now, I admit that I’m scared to even share this post for fear of ridicule, it being the ‘wrong’ thing or someone thinking I’m ridiculous. 

Fear is also currently in abundance everywhere I look. 

With such life changes, feelings of uncertainty and threat to our safety, this fear feels very real and is staring us in the face every day.

So, I asked myself, what can I do to help? 

With all the tools I’ve learnt over the years and having just spent 6 months in India, which is the heartbeat of yoga, inner peace and spirituality, I must be able to share something of value. 

I am also fortunate to have an insanely positive husband, so maybe his outlook on life could also help a soul or two?

For me to ‘Just B’, I am choosing;

Inner peace ~ positivity ~ love ~ kindness ~ compassion ~ mindfulness

So, I will be sharing any tips, tools, techniques, stories, quotes, funnies and smiles that I am using myself to ‘Just B’. 

In the hope that it helps someone somewhere, sometime.

Thanks for reading,

Ferni B x