Boats on a reflective silent lake Hampi India

Have you ever considered how many words you say each day?

Some say it can up to 16,000.

Consider all that noise for a moment…both in and out of your head.

Enter Mauna.

With roots in Hindu and yoga philosophy, Mauna is the Sanskrit word for silence.

In its most basic sense, it can be practiced by the act of not speaking. Ultimately however, it is deeper than merely not talking. It can be hugely transformative. It can lead to a greater awareness of speech, spiritual connection and energy conservation.

I first discovered Mauna during my yoga teacher training course. For one month I was silent every day until 10am and all day on Thursdays. It was the first time I’d ever been given the space and time to experience silence in this way.

While confronting, my experience of Mauna was hugely positive.

It gave me permission to just be. No pressure to go externally, converse with others, consider interaction, look outward – it was amazing to realise how much space that occupies in the mind!

It gifted me the space to go inwards. Observe my own thoughts, feelings, get to know myself a little more, notice how my mind and body reacts to different activities, situations and experiences.

Unfortunately, it was also the first thing to drop when I fell back into the ‘real world’. Luckily, with a gentle cue from @yogawithlalit, I have been reminded of the importance of this wonderful gift once again.

I am currently practicing Mauna for the first hour of my day and until 2pm on Tuesdays.

I really recommend making space for Mauna, for however long is realistic for you.

As the stillness of a lake reflects things as they are, the calming effect of silence helps us listen to ourselves more clearly.

📸 taken in Hampi, India by @itsfabwanderingtheworld

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