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We wanted to share the secrets of our backpack – the ULTIMATE travel products to take with you when you travel. They are particularly useful when travelling long term.

So, here are a FaB bunch of travelling essentials and THE BEST travel items things to carry whilst travelling.

Do not leave home without these in your backpack!

Travel Products – Practical bits we couldn’t live without

Travel Towel
FaB Travel Products travel towel

We discovered these six months into our trip and quickly ditched our ‘normal’ sized towels. It saved so much weight and space – total no brainer. Perfect to clip to your backpack or small enough to pack inside. Dries quickly, is lightweight and comes in some lovely colours.

3M Ear Plugs

FaB Travel Products 3M Ear Plugs

Fern couldn’t travel without these and we were both happier bunnies with her having these stashed in her backpack. For those noisy night busses, paper thin hostel walls and generally annoying people – these helped us get our sleep when we needed it the most. We’ve tried many different types of ear plugs and always come back to 3M ear plugs. Fern bought a bundle of 20 just before we left the UK and they lasted the whole trip!


We loved going to the gym, exercise classes, running and keeping fit when we were at home and so as backpacking became our lifestyle, we didn’t want to just stop doing those things. We wanted to keep our ‘normal’ bodies and happy minds on the road and so found some FaB products to travel with and keep fit whilst backpacking.


To keep fit on the road

Plyopic Travel Yoga Mat

FaB Travel Products Plyopic Travel Yoga Mat

This is our ultimate favourite accessory to take travelling. It’s beautiful, lightweight and easy to just unstrap and roll on any floor be it the beach, the hostel, a gym or up a mountain. Be the envy of  your fellow travellers.

Imagine your normal yoga practice overlooking a stunning somewhere exotic…ahhhh bliss!!

Travel doesn’t have to interrupt your yoga, pilates or mat fitness routine – Fern just strapped her Plyopic yoga mat to her backpack and hit the road. Easy!


The FitLife Exercise and Fitness Resistant Bands

Stay fit and muscly on the road! Packs away tidily into its own little bag and fitted easily in our backpacks. It’s lightweight and easy to use with any type of door. We have used ours on random sized and dodgy looking doors in hostels, guesthouses, gyms and hotels all over the world and it’s never failed us. We’ve got some cool routines to try with these too that you can do either on your own or as a couple.