We want to share the secrets of our backpack – the ULTIMATE travel products to take with you when you travel. These products are particularly useful when travelling long term.

We are hot on being as green as possible and when we travel, this starts with our backpacks. We always pack with sustainability in mind and have found that often the sustainable choice becomes the lighter-to-carry choice too!

So, here are a FaB bunch of travelling essentials, some specifically sustainable too, and THE BEST travel items things to carry whilst travelling.

We recommend that you do not leave home without these in your backpack!

Travel Products 

The Practical Bits We Couldn’t Live Without

Travel Towel

Eono Travel Towels
Travel Towel

We discovered these six months into our trip and quickly ditched our ‘normal’ sized towels. It saved so much weight and space – total no brainer. Perfect to clip to your backpack or small enough to pack inside. Dries quickly, is lightweight and comes in some lovely colours.

3M Ear Plugs

3M Ear Plugs

Fern couldn’t travel without these and we were both happier bunnies having stashed them in her backpack.

For those noisy night busses, paper thin hostel walls and generally annoying people – these helped us get our sleep when we needed it the most.

We’ve tried many different types of ear plugs and always come back to 3M ear plugs. Fern bought a bundle of 20 just before we left the UK and they lasted the whole trip!

Sustainable Essentials

Lamazuna Reusable Makeup Pads

These are a no-brainer investment. If you, like old-Fern, use makeup wipes to remove makeup and dirt from you face and eyes these are the perfect sustainable alternative for your backpack.

Lamazuna Reusable Makeup Pads

Just wet one with water (no makeup remover required!) and clean your face and remove makeup as normal. Fern cleans hers with soap after each use and leaves to dry, but you can pop them in the washing machine, too.

They are 100% vegan, eco-friendly and sustainable, producing zero waste. Each ONE lasts up to 300 uses, which according to our dodgy-maths, is roughly 10 months of the year if you use it every day. They come in packs of 10…can you see where we’re going with this?

And, if that wasn’t already enough, they are massive space and weight-savers.

Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle

Another sustainable no-brainer. Remove plastic waste from your backpack and invest in a razor made from bamboo.

Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor

As they say, conventional plastic razors are practically impossible to recycle and so, end up in landfill or in our beautiful oceans. You also only need to buy this razor once and replace the blade when it goes blunt.

Packs of new blades are great value for money and are small and light to carry. We’ve also seen them in other countries even cheaper, so you could always pick more up on the road.

It delivers a seriously close shave – just be careful when you first use one as it does highlight a bad shaving technique!

Bath Bubble and Beyond Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

We feel a little shame to admit that when we went on our first four month trip, we lugged round large bottles of our normal liquid shampoo and conditioner. Boy were our backpacks heavy!

Shine On Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Enter shampoo and conditioner bars.

Space-savers, weight-savers and all-round eco-friendly wonderfulness. There are loads of brands out there to choose from and we have tried a few, but would recommend Bath Bubble and Beyond.

They have a variety of different types but we love ‘Shine On’. They are suitable for vegans and, we think, last longer than a bottle of liquid shampoo.

You spend a little more at the outset but we think it’s economical in the long run. And, just think of all that plastic-nastiness you’re avoiding!

The Products To Help Keep Us Fit On The Road

We loved going to the gym, exercise classes, running, keeping fit and practicing yoga when we were at home and, as backpacking became our lifestyle, we didn’t want to just stop doing those things. Actually, it’s quite nice to keep our ‘normal’ bodies and happy minds on the road and so, found some FaB products to travel with and keep fit whilst backpacking.

Also, experience tells us that exercising together really helps to keep the spark alive if you are travelling as a couple. If you haven’t stumbled across our how to keep the spark alive on the road article already, check it out for this plus other useful tips.

Actually, if you think about it, forget fitness, you could say that these are actually relationship saving products. THAT’s how much you need them. #justsayin’.

Plyopic All in One Mat

If you are into yoga, pilates, body balance, HIIT training or fitness floor work, then this is a great essential to take travelling with you.

Plyopic all in one mat nebula print
Plyopic All in One Mat

The Plyopic All in One mat is our ultimate favourite accessory to take travelling. We both have one strapped to the outside of our backpacks. Byron’s is the Mandala print and mine is Nebula (if you were wondering?!)

And, they get used almost every day for yoga practice, sit ups, press ups, planks, meditation…sometimes even picnics!

As well as their beauty, the mats are excellent quality and have been travelling with us for years. They are easy to just unstrap and roll on to any floor be it a beach, shala, hostel, gym or up a mountain. 

Be the envy of  your fellow travellers.

And, if you’re a yogi, imagine your usual yoga practice overlooking a stunning vista somewhere exotic…ahhhh bliss!!

Travel doesn’t have to interrupt your yoga, pilates or mat fitness routine – We just strap our Plyopic yoga mats to our backpacks and hit the road. Easy!

Plyopic Travel Mat

And, if you want something a little more lightweight, then we would also recommend Plyopic’s Travel Yoga Mat. We actually travelled with this for 18 months before we bought the All in One.

Plyopic travel mat beach face print
Plyopic Travel Mat

The travel mats are compact and are even foldable so you can wedge one into your backpack if you don’t want to strap it to the outside. They are also just as beautiful as the All in One mats, coming in a range of different designs to suit your personality.

The FitLife Exercise and Fitness Resistance Bands

There are no excuses not to stay fit, toned and/or muscly on the road!

The FitLife Resistance Bands

These resistance bands pack away tidily into their own little bag and fit easily in a backpack. They are also lightweight and easy to use with any type of door.

We have used ours on random-sized and dodgy-looking doors in hostels, guesthouses, gyms and hotels all over the world and they’ve never failed us.

We also have some cool routines to try with these that you can do either on your own or as a couple.