Last week was probably the scariest and most anxiety-inducing of my life. Halfway through a year of travelling in India, the threat of coronavirus suddenly escalated at home in the UK and in India. 

In India, our situation started to become scary. The prospect of being forced into quarantine or trapped in a country where I felt unsafe, ostracised (a super-fun development!) and not able to reach my loved ones pressed my panic button very hard.

A week of sleepless nights and uncertainty about what could happen created a feeling of overwhelming panic that I struggled to deal with.

While I dug deep and fished out all the tools in my toolbox to help deal with the situation, the experience helped me learn and understand two things;

  1. My health and the health of my friends and family are the only things of true value. Everything else is simply irrelevant.
  2. My thoughts, feelings and emotions start and stop with me. I choose and am the master of all.

Stuff I already kind of ‘knew’ just hadn’t truly realised. 

Enduring difficult times often give us the opportunity to learn a little about ourselves. 

So, while we all navigate through these extraordinary times, let’s take our extra time to look inside. 

Observe yourself, what can you learn?

What is of true value to you? 

Do you feel in control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions?

Thanks for reading,

Ferni B x

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