Hello and welcome to It’s FaB wandering the world!

FaB Selfie With View From The Side of Mount Fuji

We’re Fern and Byron – a couple in our 30s who, after some long years shackled to the corporate grindstone, commuting into grey town through pissy rain and gale force winds decided that enough was enough – we needed to end it…

Not in THAT way, no no…we opted instead to jack it all in, take each other by the hand and travel the world together.

A much happier option for all involved.

We had no plan other than an exit strategy and have been on the road backpacking, budget-travelling and house sitting ever since.

THIS is our travel blog, jam-packed with a whole load of tips, secrets and stories from our adventures around the world.

So, have a read – we’d love for you to join us on our journey.

Fern and Byron (FaB).

Portrait of Fern in a snowfield

“Hey, I’m Fern and I can’t stop travelling. Oh, not that kind of bio? OK, I’m a travel-obsessed, environmentally-conscious vegan and qualified yoga teacher with a small penchant for cats. I’m super inquisitive, love psychology and have a big interest in ‘why?’. Except when it comes to the question of travel, then, well, it’s ‘why not?’

I’m also really passionate about self-development, being the best version of yourself and living living with intention.

I’m also the designer, creator and writer of this site so buckle in and enjoy!”

“And, this is Byron.”